Monday, October 29, 2007

Crazy people of the day. Norman Podhoretz on the MacNeil News Hour. Why should we bomb Iran? Well, because, and I kid you not, if we had taken action earlier against Hitler, we could have avoided the Second World War. That's it, the whole sum of his analysis: Ahmedinijad is the new Hitler.

Iran has an economy the size of Finland. They may get a few A-bombs eventually, but at least according to al-Baradei, who was right about Saddam too, not for a few years at least, and maybe never. They couldn't defeat Saddam's army, which we took care of in 100 hours the first time and in a couple of weeks the second time even with the crazy man Rumsfeld's army. They may end up with some bombs, but they'd have to have missiles to deliver them, even to Israel, which has 200 bombs -- they say -- and it likely could never deliver them against us, and we still could make Iran into a glowing glass parking lot in an hour or two.

This former Trotskyite is another phenomenon of the circle being completed, along with Horowitz. From lefty fanaticism to right-wing, with never a stop in reality. Saints preserve us, Bush is talking to this man, and he's a Giuliani adviser. He's too extreme for Bill Buckley. Still more than 400 days to go with Bush. I hope we survive.

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