Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Coalition of the Clueless.

That's who's on the other side of the picket line in the WGA strike, and the most distinct voice today is Michael Eisner. He's blaming it all on Steve Jobs. Really, Mikey? That is the epitome of stupid, and you ought to know better. The fact that you don't is the reason you lost your studio, Mike. Now, I don't know the breakdown of the price in movie and TV downloads in iTunes, but there's lots of evidence that the music side gives .70 out of .99 to the studio. The rest is bandwidth cost, credit card fees, and some small profit. Now, what is the cost of supplying that file to iTunes, Mike? Approximately nothing, isn't it? I mean, I could do the mastering, and I'm no pro. Now, where are the trucks to deliver the recordings? The lyrics sheet? The cover art? Well, nowhere, actually. So the additional cost of digital distribution is zero. What percentage of the $1.99 cost of a show goes to the writers? Why, that would be nothing, Mike. Zero. Zilch.

Now, the last thing that Steve Jobs did was put the .70 per track in your hands. If you don't share that added income with the artists, what fault is that of Jobs? You're the rights holder, Mike. Time you took some responsibility, and split up the profits like a man.

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