Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pete Stark was right.

There is very little evidence, at this point, that Bush is acting out of any other motivation besides a narcissistic sadism. Right now, he's going down as the worst president ever, in charge of the most misguided military operation ever, that is hemorrhaging money and lives at a rate you normally don't see outside movies like Halloween 69, all for the benefit of high oil prices for Putin and a great recruitment field for Al Qaeda.

And yet, Pete Stark was the one who narrowly escaped censure, being forced to ritualistically debase himself... for what? I understand why Republicans play this game, but obviously the Democratic leadership does not.

If we were Rovians, we would have had third parties showing clip after clip of Bush discussing the most grave and deadly things with that sadistic smirk on his face. Or repeating what he said to the MSNBC host Tucker Carlson that Carla Faye Tucker, the condemned murderer, would say if he met with her: "Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me." Because it is a simple fact that Bush is a sadistic teenager, who got in trouble for exploding frogs, and seems to take pleasure in causing pain. Forget the "respect for the office," the man has to do something to deserve it.

Instead, we have "White Gloves Nancy" Pelosi decrying the truth because it is rude, oh, so rude, and forcing the truthteller, like so many Democrats before, to humiliate himself and the party.

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