Sunday, March 21, 2004

Saw a couple of TV programs: one was a political humor colloquy on C-Span. This confirmed that a) Stephen Colbert is one of the quickest, funniest guys around, b) Drew Carey is a likeable, non-extreme conservative, and c) that one of my former idols, Phil Hendrie, has become one of his own cartoonish characters: Phil Gasbag, the "Roosevelt-loving," FOX Democrat. I guess he's been hanging around the poisoned atmosphere of KFI, which is the local Limbaugh broadcaster, too long.

Also, Teddy on Meet the Press, standing up and dishing it out. The fact that a large part of the country sees Teddy as an "extremist" is one of the most disheartening times about this cartoon era. John Kerry, you've got to get an electronic presence soon! The morons are treating the RNC spin as if it was important and true!